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Do I Need Therapy?

When someone asks themselves this question, it is generally because we’ve reached a point when our existing coping methods are not enabling us to deal with a problem situation. It is then that we seek help to understand why our familiar ways appear to be failing us.


Recognising that it is not always easy to get the work/life balance just right, and that we can all sometimes benefit from a gentle, listening ear. Bud to Blossom Therapy Service can offer telephone or online integrative therapy sessions.  Also available is our 8 week course Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression.


While concentrating on addressing the 'underlying' issues our humanistic approach to therapy extends to bereavement, anxiety, depression, family relationship difficulties, financial worries, stress and work-related issues.


If you would like to talk to someone about anything that is concerning you, be it in your personal life or at work, Bud to Blossom can offer you professional, qualified therapy being an Accredited Member of the BACP and a member of the BABCP.


To learn how Bud to Blossom Therapy can accommodate your requirements please take a look around our website.